Our niece who is interning here in Naples for the Summer, had to stop in to my husband’s office yesterday.  The guys in the office were astounded that she was related to Barry. There was quite a commotion about it from what I hear.  I unserstand the conversation went like this: "You’re related to Barry?" "are you sure?"  "you are his niece?"  Then there was some mumbling about how pretty she is, smart, nice, pleasant, funny, and down-right cute.  "How again are you related to Barry?"  "I’m his niece! Really. Through marriage."  ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, came many responses. Now they understood.  It was all clear at that moment.  I’m sure he is going to hear about that for quite a while. 

One response to “Relationship

  1. She is looking pretty hot these days.

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