Wild Weekend

We went out on Jet Skis on Saturday morning. We had a blast!  We even got pulled over by the Naples Police! Who knew we couldn’t ride out of the channel.  They neglected to tell us that at the rental office. Oh well. Now we know.


Our jet ski decided it wanted to toss us into the bay about ½ way through the ride.  Barry and I had just slowed way down to look around, and POOF! It dumped us into the bay. I swear I heard it laughing.  This was right after we had been pulled over. I think the jet ski was punishing us for breaking the law.  We definitely heard laughing when we tried to get back up on the jet ski in the middle of the water.  That was a sight to be seen.  We managed to haul our ½ ton bodies back on to the jet ski and continue on with a great ride.


On the way back to the rental office, we came upon two dolphins.  They swam right next to us. They even swam right until our niece and nephews ski.  We just idled around the bay with them for about 15 minutes.  It was beautiful.


After the ride, we went over the Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch or dinner.  It should have been lunch, but it took them so long to get our food out, I think it became dinner.  Perhaps they had to go out to the water and catch the crab?  The food was good though.  All in all, it was a fantastic day!


Sunday we went out to Ave Maria for mass.  It was interesting. It was like mass when I was a kid.  The book was in Latin although they spoke it in English (sort of, we will get to that later).  But there was incense, and bells, and tons of altar boys, the priest was Italian, and barely spoke English. During his homily, none of us could understand what he was saying.


After mass, we drove around trying to find some alligators, but didn’t find anything great. We saw a few out in the lake, but they were kind of far away.  Then it was back to our house for a little lunch and visiting with family. 


When my brother arrived, he said they just had new tires put on their van and he thought that the lug nuts weren’t on right.  The guys all went outside and took off the hubcap and found that the lug nuts weren’t tightened at all!  They fell right off!  That could have killed them or someone else on the road!  My brother called Tire kingdom and read them the riot act. And boy can he read!  They got a full refund for the whole job. The company is lucky those tires didn’t fall off. How can people take such little pride in their work!  How can you forget every lug nut on every tire you replaced! How is that possible? I will not use Tire Kingdom and warn others about them.


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