Friends Don’t Let Friends

Almost get struck by Lightning!

Saturday evening I was going to help a friend take care of some dogs. Some of you know her. Her name is Mary.  She was going to be just a couple of blocks from our house in a community right behind us.  She called to say she was on her way there, so I said I would leave right then as well and start walking.  It was a nice evening. There was a little breeze and off in the distance it appeared that rain was coming. However, it wasn’t raining at the time and I thought I had plenty of time to get to Mary’s dog sitting house.  I was wrong.  After I got about half-way to the house, it started to rain. It wasn’t raining too hard and there was no thunder. I thought I was still good to go.  I was wrong.  As I rounded the corner and could see the house (Mary was just pulling in), the rain came down hard and heavy.  I figured,  no problem, Mary knows I am coming. Mary will pull right back out of that driveway and come get me. I was wrong.  When I saw the flash of light and heard the huge BOOM almost at the same time, I thought “Surely, Mary heard that and will want to save the life of her friend.” I was wrong.  More lightening. More thunder. I began to run. I was in flip flops! But I kept running. When I got to the house, I began banging on the door. It took mary about 3 minutes to come to the door! Where was she? The house wasn’t that big!  She came to the door and seemed genuinely surprised that I was there. “I told you I was coming over didn’t I?” I asked. “Yes, she said.”  Ok. I thought perhaps you would have come looking for me? “Oh.” I believe was all she said.  I thought friends wouldn’t let friends almost die from a lightning strike. I was wrong.



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