Dog Contest

the Wink News dog contest deadline is approaching.  It actually ends today. But when today? I don’t know. The rules say they  must have entries in by august 7th. However, they list no time. Then they say that the 4 finalists have to be able to make it to Ft. Myers by 6:00am on August 8th.  So, you take entries until the end of the day on August 7th…wouldn’t that be 11:59pm? And you want people to get to your offices by 6:00am the next day? Actually just 6 hours and 1 minute later?  I think they should have given a little more time between the contest deadline and the time to get the 4 finalists up to the studios on Ft. Myers. 
I don’t think we will be finalists anyway, I did enjoy posting the video though. It was a lot of fun.

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