More annoying neighbors

A few days ago when we pulled up to our stupid gate at our stupid gated community, a car pulled up very close behind us.  This car got so close we could no longer see its headlights.  We had pulled up to the gate and were waiting for both gates (yes there are two) to open. First one opens very slowly, then the other opens even slower.  The car behind us kept creeping up closer and closer to us. Even when we thought it could get no closer.  We kept wondering what it was doing. Then it honked! We had just started to move as the gates had finished opening. It continued to honk.  A lot.  Then we realized they were trying to get in using our gate opener. They didn’t have one we surmised.  Oh no. If you old people want these stupid gates, you need to abide by your stupid rules.  The car was so close we could see it was an old woman. She did indeed, speed on through once we had moved up enough. She then passed us in the housing area to get to her house faster than the allotted speed limit.  ARGH…so we followed, she parked in her driveway and got out of her car. I opened my window and told her that she could not go through that gate without the required sticker on her windshield.  She didn’t like that much and yelled something back at us. I replied that she must get the required windshield sticker or use the guest gate. She really hated that. There was a lot more yelling from her.  We decided to pull away, but not before honking our horn at her and asking her if she liked it or if she too thought it was rude. I think she too thought it was rude.



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