Lost and Found

I knew it! I knew it was in those black pants.  Over a year ago, I lost my debit card.  I knew it was in the black pants that had been washed. However, a check of the pants pocket, the washer, dryer, and surrounding floor yielded no ATM card.  Oh well. I ordered a new card and paid the fee for being forgetful.
This weekend we cleaned the lint trap and the entire lint vent from the dryer to the roof.  It was a ton of work. It took almost all day Saturday.  How does that much lint get into the vent? We clean this thing ever year.  I had just seen the story on the Today Show that stated how the lint is a big fire hazard so we decided it was time to clean it again.  The manufacturers make it hard to clean those vents.  We used both vacuums, and a hose to get all the lint out of that pipe.
when Barry put the dryer back in place, I did one last vacuum of the lint trap in the dryer and there it was!  the ATM Card was in that dryer lint trap.  It HAD been in those pants.  HA! I knew it.  It has been found.  I of course had to cut it up and get rid of it, but I found it!

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