The pictures I am about to post will tell the story. It is lovely here.  The family is just about all here now. We are a noisy group.  There are games afoot, TV blaring, everyone laughing, and a general good time to be had by all. Except for a brother (who I won’t mention by name) who fell in the back yard.  I swear I saw my father for that moment when he yelled, tumbled, and hit the ground with a thud. I KNOW I heard him in the words that followed, and I definately saw him trying to stand back up.
Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner, and a bonfire on the beach.  There will be SMORES. Diet be darned this weekend. For heaven’s sakes, there are SMORES! you can not diet with smores in the vacinity.  I’m not that strong.
Talk to you all later.

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