It was actually a little cool this morning! I love this time of year. We don’t have a ton of "don’t-know-how-to-drive Q-tips" and it is a little cooler than "Africa hot" around here.  If it were like this all the time, we would actually like it here.  However, so would everyone in the world so it wouldn’t be like this all the time. What a Catch 22. 
Did I mention that at the bonfire last week, my 63 year old brother had his first Smore? FIRST? Really?  Never had one before? I could hardly believe it. I belive we have a picture of it. I have to put that in the blog. However, by the time we took a picture of it, I think it was actually his 10th smore.  If you are reading this and have not had a smore, go get one. Now. I mean it. Find a fire, roast a marshmallow, grab some graham crackers and chocolate, and have yourself a smore.  It will be worth it.
The Bonfire 023

One response to “Not-so-hot-blooded

  1. It was 65 degrees here this morning.  It tied the record low.  Really nice!  BTW, I never heard of Smores until I was in college.

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