Seeing Stars

Everyone seems to be seeing or running into stars lately.  Last week a friend at work saw "Ducky" or "The Man From Uncle" if you remember that show, at an airport in New York. I love brushes with fame. 
Saturday I received a call from my SIL telling me about her trip to New York.  She, my brother, nieces, and nephews went to New York after the wedding in Cape Cod.  My nephew has family there.  My SIL said it was UN Week in New York which made the trip quite interesting and a little scary.  Apparently many dignataries from all over the world where in New York last week.  That lead to the Army and armored vehicles patrolling the streets with weapons at the ready.  Unnerving, but at the same time, New York was probably the safest place that week.  Anyway, she told me how they saw Condalisa Rice and got her picture.  I thought that was pretty cool. But it got Way Cooler!
One evening as they left their hotel, there was a red carpet in front of a theatre right across from their hotel.  They of course had to investigate.  My brother and SIL and neice all went over to find out what was up. They were told that it was for the Premiere of "Nights in Rodanthe"  with Richard Gere.  HOLY COW! The actual premeiere with Richard in attendence.  Then they were offered tickets to said premeire!  Holy cow again!  They got to stand right next to the carpet and watch the stars walk in…then they got to watch the movie with the stars behind them in the theatre.  Talk about awesome.  My sister Kathy wasn’t as happy.  She found out and was a little upset.  Richard Gere is her soulmate you see. She is allowed to leave her husband for him.  As soon as he knows she exists he will run to her. She knows this.  She should have been there…But I digress.
The next day my niece Steph and her daughter went to the Today show.  They got on! Matt Lauer asked who they were and where they were from and they were on TV! How excellent. 
I wonder who I will see?  I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

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