Great Weekend

Mom and I went shopping Saturday and got a lot done.  However, it was around 127 degrees outside and by the time I got home I was cranky.  I hate this heat. It is October.  Fall. Time to chill out. Time for bon fires and S’Mores (yes, S’More, not SCHMORE Ron).  I was so cranky when I got home I went right to bed. I took a 3 hour nap.  This weather just drains me so much. Is there a cold front coming to Naples any time soon? I need one.
Saturday evening we just sat around and watched TV.  Finally there was no where to go, nothing to do.
Sunday I went to the gym early so I could get in gear and do some work around the house.  We went to ginas for lunch (surprise) and then went like wildfire on the house.  We hung pictures, cleaned, organized paperwork, grocery shopped, made dinner, baked a cake (for those of you at CE, it is coming your way).  It was a pumpkin streudel cake.  I hope it turned out ok. 
Barry and our neighbor worked on the garage door. A spring broke and they are replacing it.  No one wants to sell them the replacement spring though as they say it is too dangerous for them to replace it. It will take a trained technician.  Bummer.  The neighbor is trained and can replace it, but he has to be able to buy it first.  I hope he can find one on Monday.  I never knew how much I used that garage door until we didn’t have it.  We had to take the garbage cans out through the front door.
tomorrow morning is my nutritionist check in. It has been several weeks and they haven’t always been the best.  I ate better, but not the best. I hope I have lost some lbs.  Any would be nice.
Talk to you later

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