A loss is a loss

Three more lbs. gone.  Woohoo!  I am no longer in the Obese category of that stupid chart the nutritionist has. Yea!  I hated that chart.  I’m learning to like it a little more now.
I also found someone to fix a computer! YEA! It was me.  I did a lot better working on it without someone saying "You mean I can’t play Freecell?"  I didn’t feel that pressure.
Holidays are coming.  I’m working on a plan to continue the weight loss during this time of the year.  Some ideas I have are as follows:
Bake things that are gluten free.
Bake things I don’t really  like.
Eat the turkey and veggies, but leave the potatoes and desserts.
Drink water before going to Thanksgiving dinner.
Extra workouts during this season.

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