A Dog’s Life

It is a little sad when your dog has a better social life than you do.  Alright, it is a Lot sad.  The dogs got invited to a doggie birthday party tonight.  I  have to go out and get gifts. The people behind us have 2 puppies that are turning 1 today! Sock can’t wait to go and eat cake. Buster wanted to know if he would get a new outfit for the occassion.  Oy.
The dogs also have more friends that we do.  When we walk through the neighborhood there are a lot of dogs now that stop to say Hey to Buster and Sock.  They romp and play.  They will jump and tumble. the owners of the dogs know Sock and Buster’s names. They don’t know ours.  Our dogs are more popular.  It really is sad isn’t it? 
I’m heading out at lunch to get Buster a new shirt.

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