Election Night

I love being able to vote for our president. I love this country. However, I am way ready to be done with the political ads. I’m over it. This election year seemed much longer than usual.  I’m glad it will be over now.  No more "I’m fillintheblank and I approve this message".  Even with our TIVO I have had to see way too many of these ads.  None of them are telling the complete truth anyway.  I don’t listen to the ads. I read and research and I love the fact checkers.  Unfortunately, many people believe what they hear on a 30 second ad instead of researching the whole truth.  Someone I worked with said she wished there was a button she could push to let the advertisers know that she did early voting and to turn off the political ads on her tv.  I like that idea.  Maybe when we have flying cars we can get that too.

One response to “Election Night

  1. FYI:  Serina works in Hampton, VA in case you know anyone in the area.  Thank you!!!  I am still waiting for my flying car.

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