Hubby was walking our dogs early this morning. It was still dark out so you know it was quite early. I was sleeping.  He walked the dogs down the street that the greyhound owners live on.  We don’t usually do that except when it is dark as they don’t walk the dog in the dark.  Wrong.  He came across the greyhound and her owner.  Our dogs were fine. Hers was barking. Barry said good morning and kept walking. She called him evil, mean, trying to kill her other dog, and lots of other things. She has so much anger in her heart. I can’t stop praying for her and her sister.  Hubby had actually seen them the night before too at a Neighborhood Watch meeting. He wasn’t there for that meeting, he had been there for an awards ceremony right before that meeting.  He was standing in the doorway of the building when the sisters pulled up in their car.  They wouldn’t get out.  He walked away from the entrance of the building inside the hallway to talk to someone he knew.  That was when they came into the building and to their dismay I’m sure ran right into Hubby.  They probably thought he had moved far away from the door, but he was right inside.  He said hello to them. They didn’t say anything back. 
So two encounters in as many days with the greyhound owners appeard to upset Karma.  When the dogs did their business and he went to pick it up (In the dark remember), he felt something not right. His hand felt like it had touched the items in question.  That can’t be since he was using a bag to pick it up.  Oh no. Did the bag break?  Using the flashlight he found out that it had indeed broken and #2 was all over his hand.  I think karma was saying stay off of the greyhound street. Even in the dark. 
But please keep praying for these greyhound owners.  Their life must be miserable.  With this much anger over an accident that happened 2.5 years ago.  They are still so raw and hurt that they need our prayers.  Remember them today.  And watch out for karma.

One response to “Karma

  1. Those sound like very nasty people.  Let me tell you about the woman I saw in the parking lot today.  I was leaving for lunch and this unattractive woman, probably about 50, was coming towards me.  As we passed I smiled and said hello.  She responded by sneering at me and saying “what’s your f***ing problem?”  I said I was just trying to be friendly.  What kind of anger must be brewing inside of her?  At least I will probably never see her again, unlike you and your neighbors.

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