Suddenly Susan

No, I’m not talking about the old TV show that was renewed too many times, I am talking about myself.  I went to visit my mom this morning before work and her doctor came in to check on her.  Mom introduced me to the Doctor as her daughter Susan.  Susan?  Yes, Susan. I have been called many names by my mom in my 47 years, but never Susan. I am usually "Kath, Bar, Pixie (dog), Sharon"  She would go through all the other girl’s names in the family before she got to me.  I was used to it.  She also called me other names that I won’t write here (family Matters is no place for that)…but Susan?  Where did that come from?  I would guess it came from the pain meds, but I would have thought I would go back to being the dog or a sister, but not a Susan.  But what the heck it is a nice name.
TTFN, Susan.

One response to “Suddenly Susan

  1. Would you ever consider yourself a Susie or maybe a Suze?

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