Cat Tale

Last night as I was getting ready to go to bed at 9:30 (ok, I’m old!), I heard a splash. That’s odd, why would anyone be going in a pool? It is about 50 outside.  Then I heard lots of splashes and I realized the sound wasn’t coming from a neighbor’s house, it was coming from our pool. Uh oh. Did Sock just jump in? She loves to swim. But she is sleeping on her bed in her room. This isn’t good. The other dog is on the sofa.  That only leaves the cats. Oh dear. I run to put on the lanai light, and look outside.  Tipsy! The little grey three-legged kitten in in the pool, and not liking it one little bit. There is terror in her eyes and she tries to get out the sides. She struggles to get out one area and I run to grab her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize I am coming to save her so she skitters off the side and back to the middle.  Oh crap!  I yell to hubby to get the kitten! We are just about to jump in when Tipsy starts to swim toward the steps. Hubby grabs a towel and I grab the kitten.  Whew! Boy was she cold.  She was none too happy either.  I wonder how she wound up in the pool.  I know when she runs it looks like a sand crab skittering across the beach, so I guess she was skittering sideways and "plopped" into the pool.  She needs to work on her steering and braking.  Poor kitten.

One response to “Cat Tale

  1. Poor little kitty. I bet she steered clear of the pool after that!

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