Kissing and Telling

Saturday was a very busy and active day for the family.  We took the dogs to visit grandma in the rehabilitation facility. That was cool.  It is so nice they let dogs come and visit there. Grandma and her "grand-dogs" enjoyed the time together.  Then it was off the the hospital to visit a sick friend.  That wasn’t as fun, but it was good to see her. 
After the visits the dogs got their long-awaited day!  It was off to Howl-a-days at the Doggie Park.  The Animal Control Department from the county government put on a fund-raiser at the local dog park.  When we got there I was surprised at how large the event was.  There were radio stations, vendors, trainers, contests, and even food for the owners.  After quenching our thirsts with a fresh lemonade, it was off to the "best kisser" contest for hubby and Sock.  There were about 30 entrants, so the competition was going to be tough.  Some of those dogs could really kiss their owners quite well.  My tension was building as I sat in the audience awaiting Sock and hubby’s entrance.  Here they come. The announcing states "Here is Sock with  her owner Barry!"  onto the stage they walk.  Barry sits on the edge of the stage and says "sock, kiss!" and boy does she kiss! She lays it on  him.  The audience goes wild! There are Awwwwws and Ohhhhs and how sweets all around!  This is good.  The rest of the contestents go up and there are many more kisses.  Ok, now the judges are talking.  They go to the microphone and call back 4 dogs and owners.  I listen hopefully. SOCK and BARRY and called up to complete in the finals!  I’m so proud.  The go back on stage with the 3 other dogs. When it is Sock’s turn to "kiss" she does a bang up job again.  The crowd goes even wilder.  The field is now going to be narrowed to 2 dogs.  I’m breathless.  Who will it be. Milly is one.  Will it be Sock. I wait for the next name….. SOCK!  She is in the final two!  oh my. The judges state that the winner will be judged by the audience applause.  Sock once again is asked to kiss daddy and she loves the attention. She almost plays to the crowd as she is kissing she is looking out the side of her eye at the people as if watching for the response. The response comes loud and clear. TONS of applause.  Milly goes next. She does well, she is a good kisser for sure.  It will be tough. I listen to the crowd, They clap, but the vote has gone to SOCK!  Wohooo! She was very happy with her certificate and doggie treat.  She went into the crowd for her congratulations and pats on the head.  She was a star and she loved it again. 
Buster watched the whole thing, but as soon as it was over and he congratulated his sister, he wanted to go shopping at the doggie vendors.  We have very strange dogs. 
After the shopping and competition, our neighbor, his dogs, barry, and Sock went over to the romp and play area in the baseball field.  The neighbor (Richard) decided to lay down on the turf to play with some dogs.  The dogs had other ideas, however, and one promptly peed on him.  Heehee.  It was a good day.  When we got home, the dogs slept until morning. 
As I type it is now Sunday evening and my friend at the hospital is doing much better, work is tomorrow which isn’t great, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner which is fantastic.  Talk to you all again soon.  Take Care.

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