It Does Come Around

Many years ago, a friend of mine was swindled.  Bad.  Her husband had recently died, she was raising her 5 year old little girl alone, and she needed some work done at her house.  The got quotes and talked with contractors and finally decided on one.  She gave him a 50% deposit for the work. He began the work. He started to demolish her old retaining wall. He left a pile of timber and dirt in her driveway. He said he would return.  Days turned into weeks, then months, he never returned. He never called her back. She tried everything to get her money back. She filed in small claims court, but they couldn’t help her as they couldn’t find this man.  She did her own searching on the Internet, but couldn’t find him.  She filed a complaint with the local Magistrate in hopes that someday she would get her money back.   We knew that this supposed "contractor" would have his day. He would pay for what he had done. We just didn’t know we would get to be around for that day.
Yesterday my friend received a notice to appear in court as a witness against this man.  He was charged with scamming 22 people out of money. Woohoo! His trial is next month.  I hope he gets the time and serves a sentence for taking innocent people’s hard-earned money.  He should also have to pay them all back, but I doubt we will ever see that.
It was a good thing. Thank you to all the law enforcement people that got the evidence and found this man to bring him to justice.

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