Get Over It!

I wish my family would just make up already!  I wish they would realize what is truly important in this life.  Will this matter in the long run?  Can you avoid hurt and confrontation all your life?  NOOOOOOO! Welcome to reality. People say stupid and hurtful things sometime.  Make up! Our mother is 87, going on 88.  Are you going to be ok with this when she is gone? ARGHHHHHH.  This should be an interesting year.  How do people have birthday gatherings and not invite mom/grandma/great-grandma? No Mom’s day for you either.  What a waste an absolute waste.  Treat everyday as if it were your last. You should have no regrets.  I’ve seen people with regrets and it isn’t pretty.  So make up, snap out of it, and move on.

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