New Recliner

The Lazyboy store in Naples is closing its doors (like everything else) and are having a big sale.  Our recliner died (everyone saw awwwwww) so we needed a new one.  We hopped on up to the store and started our search.  Do you realize they have about 300 recliners in a Lazyboy store?  Did you further realize that a husband must sit in each and everyone of them to ensure his butt will find just the right one?  This process took about 4 hours (slightly exaggerated).  The salesperson didn’t help much. She kept pointing out other models that he would like.  He sat in this one, then back to that one, then over to the other one. It just went on and on and on.  Then he tried the big beige one by the counter.  It looked like love at first sit! I thought this was the one.  He goes to others, but always comes back to Big Beige.  The salespeople all say he looks good on that one.  I tell him he looks great in it.  He feels good in it.  Then the salesperson tells him to "wait! There is another one very similar to that one, but with a built-in pillow at the top."  Great.  Now he goes back and forth. Bach and forth again.  Then they check stock.  The one with the pillow is the last one.  Big Beige is in stock.  Hmmmmm.  Back and forth again. He really likes that pillow, but he would like a new one.  I think I am asleep at this point in another recliner.  When I woke up, he was standing at the counter making a purchse.  "Which one did we get?" I ask.  It was Big Beige.  YEA! I like Big Beige.
He picked up Big the next day and the dogs promptly fell asleep in it.  I wonder if we will get to sit in Big Beige.

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