Really Cold

When I arrived at work today and opened my door I was met with a blast of freezing air.  It was as though I was walking into a freezer.  I love the cold, don’t get me wrong, but why is the air conditioning on when the temperature outside is 50?  That seems puzzling to me.  I am sitting by a heater, which I am told I can’t have, with a sweater and a coat on. I wish I had gloves.
I can’t wait to get home and sit by the fire. This is going to be a great weekend.

One response to “Really Cold

  1. Want to hear something crazier? Our heat and air conditioner are both on this morning. They come out of different vents right next to each other. It’s creating some odd indoor weather conditions. The thermometer on my desk says it is 76 degrees in here right now.

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