A Catastrophe


After the incident

This was way too much for the little girl.




Saturday morning I was finally getting over my cold. I was feeling pretty good. We were going to breakfast then Sams.  I had just come in from walking the dogs, when I noticed Tipsy (one of our cats) crying.  This wasn’t the usual “pet me cry”.  She was in pain. A mother can tell.  She was almost yelling “HELP!”  I felt so bad.  I tried to pick her up, but she cried all the more.  We called the vet.  They had an opening at 12:15 and we took it.  We ran our errand to Sams but couldn’t stop thinking of our little Tipsy.  We got home as fast as we could from Sams and found her resting, but not looking great.


I wrapped her in a towel and we left for the vet’s office.  I have to take a side trip here and tell you that there were 7 golden retriever puppies in the waiting room and they were A-Stinkin-Dorable! I needed them! But they all had 4 legs.  Sigh.


After a short wait we went back to the exam room.  Dr. Brown looked the kitty over and felt all over her body.  When he squeezed her stomach she was in distress.  He announced that he had found the problem. Our kitty was constipated.  WHAT? A cat can be constipated? What did she eat? Does she get kitty Petamucil?  He said that she should get an enema  (EWEWEWEW) and she would be good as new in minutes.  He told us that if for any reason it didn’t work that he had a tool called the “fecal extractor” (OH DEAR LORD) That he could use.  I threw up in my mouth a little.


I will not describe the next moments, but she indeed began to feel better in minutes.  As a matter of fact, she “felt better” all over the house all night long.  Three baths and 24 hours later, she was back to her happy purring self.  I am so glad that we didn’t have to see the “extractor” tool.


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