Vastly Different Days

A fantastic birthday, but sad news on the weekend too.

Friday night’s dinner at LaBamba was great. Barry had a fantastic birthday. He got great gifts and calls from friends and family.

Saturday was a little different.  I called my friend Ann to get a recipe and her daughter Paige answered and said her mom had left for the hospital because her granddad (Ann’s dad) was having heart trouble.  I immediately called Ann on her cell phone.  She was still at the hospital and I could tell right away that her dad was gone.  He had been living in a nursing home for the past year and his health was fantastic, but it was still a little unexpected.  He had pneumonia over the Thanksgiving holiday but was much better at Christmas and even spent the day at Ann’s house. 

However, it was time for him to go be with the Lord and his wife. She had been waiting for him for a while.  I will never forget Mr. Cholewski. He made the best spaghetti sauce ever. I won’t forget h is gruff voice, even though he didn’t use it much. He was a quiet man that liked reading the paper and smoking his cigars.  I will be forever thankful that he had Ann for without her I would have never made it through high school. For that matter, I wouldn’t have made it through much of life. 

Thank you Frank Cholewski.  You will be missed.


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