Black Bean Soup Disaster

As many of you know, I have a tendency to make messes while in the kitchen. I actually have tendencies to make messes out of the kitchen too.  However, I created a history-making mess on Tuesday in the kitchen.  Even Barry said it was the “Worst mess ever!” and that says a lot.


I decided to make up a pot of black bean soup on Tuesday. I like black bean soup. It was a new recipe and I was excited.  I had my black beans, red pepper, onion, celery, garlic, and chicken broth.  I chopped up the veggies and began to simmer the soup.  After a little simmering, the recipe called for using an immersion blender to cream the soup.  Well, I don’t have an immersion blender so I pulled out my food processor.  That will do the trick!  I poured the soup into the processor. I began to process.  The soup began to ooze out of the bottom of the processor! Oh no! I filled it too full. But I can quickly pull it off of the base and pour the soup back in the pot!  I quickly pulled off the base (not quickly enough). I watched as black bean soup poured all over the counter and down the front of the cabinets before I did get some very little of the soup back in the pot.  That was when the hubby looked over and laughed and said “Worse mess ever! I’m proud.” 


It took several hours to clean up the mess.  I am still finding spots of soup.


If that wasn’t bad enough, there were more messes that day. I took the soup to the garage fridge since I didn’t feel much like eating it for dinner. It ticked me off.  I opened the fridge, put in the container, went to close the fridge, and a beer bottle jumped to its death right on my big toe. It bounced off my toe, up in the air, and landed with a loud CRACK on the cement floor. Glass and beer went everywhere. Great. Now I get to tell Barry he lost one of his men.  I told him and he went into the garage with a tear in his eye to clean up the mess for me.  Before he went, however, he placed me on the couch, with ice on my toe, a drink in my hand, and begged me not to move again.  I didn’t.


I don’t think I like black bean soup anymore.


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