You Gotta Have Faith

Mom has Faith


My mom mentioned a few months ago that she was ready to get a new cat. It has been 2 years since her cat died and she felt she wanted another companion. She declared that she would name the cat Faith. She wanted to just wait until after her last doctor visit about her knee.  That visit came a week ago and she said she was ready to look for a cat.  Friday I went on line to Domestic Animals Services and checked out what cats they had for adoption.


I was shocked to see there was a cat there named…you guessed it…FAITH!  I couldn’t believe it. I read more about her and she seemed purrrrrfect (sorry Becca).  She was 11 years old (old to most, but mom is 87). She was declawed, spayed, and had all her shots.  She was described as a sweet girl.  I went to see her right away.


I spent about 30 minutes with Faith and knew she would be a wonderful pet for my mom.  She loved to be held, she purred all the time, and enjoyed just sitting on my lap.  I called mom and told her about Faith. She couldn’t believe there was a cat named Faith waiting for adoption.  We made a plan to get her the very next day.


Saturday at 11:15 we went to pick up Faith. However, she was no longer in the same room that I visited the day before.  It took workers about 30 minutes to find her. She was in the back in the medical section because she had a cold.  They let us adopt her anyway as long as we took her to a vet, so I called right then and there and our vet said “come on over.” 


Faith is on her antibiotics for the cold and is doing great. I will post pictures so you can see her. She loves to be brushed, loved, and held.  She is a sweet little girl.  I’m so glad we found her.




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