The World Has Gone Batty


Saturday we had a bat hanging around by our front door. We have tons of bats that live in the trees in front of the house. I like to watch them fly around at dawn and dusk.  I know a lot of people don’t find bats appealing, but I am not most people.  These bats keep the bug population low around our house and I have to admit that I like that.  However, we have never had a bat take up residence by our front door.  He didn’t make a good impression on our dinner guests.  They didn’t appreciate having to walk past him to get in the front door. I suppose we should have let them in the garage door, but we didn’t think.


I think the bat was there to tell us about how batty people have become.  The homeowner’s association meeting last week was definitely batty. People complained about everything. The developer didn’t care. He told them he didn’t intend to listen to them. He wasn’t planning on giving up ownership of our development any time soon either.  I hear one person told him that if he was just a nice person people wouldn’t be so annoyed with him. His mean and commandeering ways are just offensive to the residents.  I believe he replied with an “I just don’t care about you people” look.  This owner/developer has changed the rules in our development at his whim for years now. Homeowners can’t own certain dogs, they can’t park on the street, have company, leave a boat in the driveway for even a couple of hours, no yard sales, and heaven forbid if you have a party. Don’t even think about it.  What a guy. Batty, just batty.


Then Sunday a couple of little dogs that live in one of the houses behind us got loose. They were running in our front yard with their owner, a little girl, running after them. Our dog Sock loves playing with these dogs, so we thought we would let her out to help keep the dogs in our yard.  We let Sock out and sure enough she started playing and running with one of the dogs.  The other dog was picked up by the owner.  Where this gets batty is when a man who was walking his little dog got really upset. He yelled that our dog Sock just tried to bite his dog’s head off. Sock never even cared about his dog. She was playing with the little one she likes so much. She did run past his dog, but didn’t touch it. This guy picked up his dog and gave us the most disgusting look ever. Batty, just batty.


Today I started Physical Therapy on my back. I told the therapist all about the problem with the left side of my back. Left side. Mentioned this over and over. Drew it on the diagram of my back. She proceeded to have me lay down on the table and she started moving my leg and asking if certain things hurt as she moved the right leg. I said no, but the right side of my back is fine, but the left hurts like heck.  Oh, she replied. Right. I forgot.  She then tested the left.  Then we got out the little electric shock things that tape to the back and help stimulate the muscle. She tried to put it on the right side of my back. Left! LEFT!  “Oh yes.”  She replied. “I’m so confused today.”


The therapist then put ice on my right and almost started to massage the right.  Batty, Just batty.



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