I Hear Voices

About one month ago, we got the Wii Fit. We really like it, except for one little thing. Well, perhaps more than one little thing, but at least one little thing.
When you start up the Wii Fit it asks you to "wait don’t step on yet" while it boots up.  The little voice inside the Wii Fit will say "Step on" All very sweet and nice like. then you step on. At that point the nice little voice gets a little annoyed and says "OHHH" What is that all about? We keep waiting for it to add "One at a time please"  Ha ha.  I’m beginning to hate that little voice.  Then it weighs you and a cute little sliding scale will show your BMI, then your little Avatar will get all chunky and that cute little voice will say "What’s OBESE?"  I’ll show you what is obese you little annoying voice. 
Once you get past that stupid little annoying voice inside the Wii Fit, it is fun to do the hula hoop, yoga, strength training, etc.  But darn that voice!  For others out there with the Wii Fit, do you have that voice? I hope so because if you don’t than this voice is all in my little head and I’m a little scared.

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