Groundhog Day

I thought getting an Ipod Alarm clock was a good thing.  I had a vision of waking up to different music each day from our play list.  No more having to listen to whatever song the radio station was playing so early in the morning. There would be no need to use the buzzer instead of the radio.  The awful static of the radio station would be a thing of the past. 


I have to admit it usually is a very good thing. However, since the time change, I believe I have entered “Groundhog Day” No, I don’t mean February 2nd, I mean the movie starring Bill Murray.  Every day since the wonderful Daylight Saving Time we have awoken at Oh-Dark-Thirty to “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis.  How is this possible?  There are 700 songs on that Ipod. Why is it only playing that one?  Every morning (I mean night because the sun isn’t up yet at 6:30am anymore) I wake up to that same song, I go on the same walk with the dogs, I watch the same depressing news, I eat the same low fat breakfast, I go to the same job, eat the same low fat lunch, and go home to do it all again.


Oh my, I’m depressing myself. I must stop.  Tonight we will change the song on the Ipod alarm clock. If I have to I will put it on the annoying buzzer feature. I need to get out of Groundhog Day.




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