Did I Ever Tell You The One About???

Our Honeymoon? I was entering a contest today about "Honeymoon disasters"  I decided to enter our honeymoon to see if it may win. Tell me what you think? Is it a winner?

Our wedding was fantastic. We had a beautiful ceremony and fun reception with fantastic music, food, and people.  We even invited some family to return to our apartment after it ended at 11:00pm to continue to celebrate while we packed for our trip. 


We were going to leave for our honeymoon that night and drive part of the way to Old Saybrock, CT. My sister had a beach home there and they gave it to us to use for our honeymoon. I couldn’t wait for the romance to begin.  We left our family around 1:00am, exhausted, but happy.  I made the assumption (first mistake) that my brand-new husband had booked a hotel somewhere on the road to CT. However, around 3:00am, I asked where we were stopping, and his response was “wherever.”  Alright, I am ok with being spontaneous and taking an exit to find a little hotel with a vacancy and enjoy some rest and romance. 


We stopped at our first hotel. No vacancy.  “No problem, there are plenty here at this exit” he says.  We stop at another…no vacancy…and another…no vacancy.  Did I forget to mention this was Labor Day weekend?  No hotel had any vacancies. None.  Zip. Zero. We drove to 3 exits and checked every hotel. Not a room to be had.  No room at the Inn!  I was NOT going to sleep in a manger!  Mary and Joseph we were not. 


My brand-new husband came up with an alternate plan…lets just recline our seats and sleep in the car!  When he saw my disappointed face he said, at least we were in the parking lot of a hotel!  A nice hotel too, he added.  YEA. I could hardly contain my excitement (insert sarcasm here) I could hardly wait.  We reclined and slept for a couple of hours.  I just kept thinking about the romantic beach house soon to come.


We awoke sore, stiff, and began our drive to CT.  We arrived at the beach house around 10:00am and it was beautiful!  We spent a lovely day relaxing. We went down to the beach and enjoyed a swim. That is until my new husband got tossed onto the rocks by a rogue wave!  He got cut up, but luckily not too bad.


Time to enjoy the evening with my black, blue, and brand-new husband.  We went out to a nice seafood restaurant and had a fantastic dinner. Or so we thought.  A few hours later, my new husband began vomiting, and had the worse case of diarrhea he ever experienced.   After several hours of severe pain and vomiting, we left for a local emergency room.  He was diagnosed with a bad case of food poisoning.  He said “I thought those clams tasted funny.”  Why did he keep eating them? Your guess is a good as mine.  He spent the next day or two in bed feeling awful.  No romance.


We did have one good piece of news during our honeymoon. While my husband was recovering, he got a call from the police academy back in Pittsburgh.  He had been accepted and they needed him to return right away.  We packed up and headed home.  So much for romance.  So much for a week at a beach house. Perhaps we can sleep in the car again on the way home! Woohoo! (sarcasm)


Although it started with a bit of a disaster, our marriage (the important part) has been absolutely amazing.  24 years and counting.  Did I mention we renew our vows every 5 years? I am the luckiest woman. I have the best husband.


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