Worst Pet Parent Ever!

Poor little Tipsy deserves a better mom.  Yesterday I noticed that she was “leaking” fluid from a place that shouldn’t leak fluid.  I called the vet.  They made an appointment for the next day.  I checked on her later in the day and it was much worse.  I called the vet and they said to bring her in right away and drop her off.  The doctor would examine her later that afternoon.


I got the call around 3pm.  The vet said she had what is known as Megacolon.  She was severely constipated and even an enema was not working.  He would have to sedate her and manually “extract” the compaction.  EWEWEWEWEW.  He told me that even after the extraction, she would continue to have this problem.  She would need medicine to help, and a new diet.  However, that may not work to correct this particular problem.  Surgery would be the only answer.  He would recommend a specialist.  For now, he would go back and perform the procedure on little Tipsy.  I was heartbroken.  How long had she been in pain? How long had she not been going to the bathroom and I didn’t notice?


Hubby went to pick up Tipsy around 5pm.  When he came home he told me more news that just cements the fact that I am a bad pet parent.  The constipation had just about flattened her bladder, it was the size of what a human would have inside, and her stomach was completely empty.  She probably hadn’t eaten for days.  Great.  How much better can I feel?


We have begun to feed her pumpkin as part of the special diet.  She really loves the pumpkin. We pick up the medicine today and we begin to save the nearly $2,000 it will take for the surgery to correct the problem.  We don’t have anything close to $2,000 at this time so I hope the new diet will work.  Please pray for little Tipsy and for me.  I need to be a better pet mom.  I should have seen these signs long before I did. 




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