What Was He Thinking? Or, Better Yet, Why Was He Thiking it?

In the middle of my morning routine, I looked at my husband and noticed a very thoughtful look on his face.  I am not sure if I asked what he was thinking about or if he volunteered it, but I was lucky enough to hear it and I think you should too. 


“ You know I was just thinking about Wyatt Erp” hubby says.

“Really?” I reply. “What about him?”

“Well, there is a discrepancy that is bothering me about him.” He states

“Seriously?” I ask just a little skeptical that he would care about a man he has never met and who is quite dead.

“Yes, in the movie Tombstone, where Wyatt Erp was played by (at this point as I continue to do laundry, dishes, make breakfast, feed the animals, I have to admit I only hear blah blah blah blah), Wyatt Erp didn’t seem to want to have the gun fight.  More blahs here and something about how he was talked into the whole gun fight thingy.

“But in the other Wyatt erp movie starring someone who has never been in our kitchen, he didn’t seem to have a problem with the whole gun fight. He was sitting at the bar when the bartender asked if there was going to be a gunfight and Erp said “looks like it.”” 


“And you are concerned about this why?” I ask


“Well, I am wondering which one is more accurate.” He states quite seriously.


“Yes, but why?”  I don’t think I could look or sound more confused about this whole conversation.  I believe at this point my husband got a look of disgust on his face and went about the task of getting ready for work and finding a man to talk to who would find this conversation much more interesting.  Good.  I have to get back to the laundry, dishes, feeding the animals, taking out the trash….well, you get the idea.





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