Not The Weekend We Planned

The Beer Barry Weekend didn’t start out as planned.  It started as a Sloppy Sharon Weekend.  For those of you that know me you know that I have a tendency to make a mess in the kitchen. Sometimes it is when I am cooking. Sometimes it isn’t.  I can just be walking through a kitchen and leave behind a huge mess. I am like the pigpen of kitchens. 


Here is how the weekend began.  Saturday morning I was still feeling a little sick.  I thought a protein shake would be just what I needed to give me energy and heal what ailed me.  I got out the blender, poured in the milk, dumped in the blueberries, the protein, flax seed, and peanut butter.  I then got out some mega vitamins and glasses.  I preface this next sentence by reminding everyone that I had been sick for a week.  I was probably delirious from lack of sleep and overmedication.


I turned on the blender.  Protein shake began to shoot out all over my body, kitchen, floor, ceiling, and yes, on the lid of the blender that was still sitting on the counter. I should probably put the lid on the blender before turning in on.  There is a process to these things.  Put the items in the blender, put lid on blender, THEN turn on blender. I was never good with putting processes in the correct order.  I get a rag, bucket, and mop and begin to clean the kitchen and the dog (don’t ask).


We spent the rest of Saturday resting and watching TV.


Sunday I was still feeling a little sick and by now hubby was sick too. We didn’t even get out of couch (we slept in the living room) until noon. Barry only got off the recliner 5 times that day. He wouldn’t have got up at all, but nature called.  The neighbors brought over some chocolate mousse packets for us sometime around 7pm.  I decided I needed to make some chocolate mousse. 


I took out the milk, put it in a bowl, added the chocolate mousse powder and began to mix it up.  I guess I had the mixer on too high of a speed.  See pictures for details on this mess.  I should never have entered the kitchen again.  What was I thinking?  I wasn’t.


Monday we finally woke up feeling better.  We woke up around 7:30 went to breakfast with friends and decided to work around the house.  We took down steins, I hung some shelves in the game room, and we made the beer! The game room is now down, the steins are in the process of getting cleaned, and the beer is fermenting.   Even though I wanted to stay out of the kitchen this day, I did help with the beer and I washed some of the steins.  Luckily, no messes occurred on Monday.


We had a partial Sloppy Sharon, Tired Team, and Beer Barry weekend. Not bad.




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