As Promised

Here we are 30 seconds after the weekend began on a bright and beautiful Monday morning. Who is excited? Huh? Huh? I bet you are.  I’m thrilled.
The weekend was quite busy, but as promised, I left the kitchen alone.  However, there was a mess made in the kitchen.  I, however, am innocent. Innocent I tell you!  Hubby did it. He couldn’t find the toothpicks and in his frenzied attempt to find them (apparently it was a toothpick emergency) he knocked something out of the cabinet, on to the counter, then it fell to the floor knocking its contents all over the place in the process. HA! Not me this time.  I felt good at his misfortune. Sorry hubby, but I did.  Perhaps now the kitchen will forgive me and I can make a cake or ice cream. Can I?

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