Best Time

Our guests left for home yesterday. Sigh. I miss them already. We had the best time. 


Our first adventure was a trip to Key West.  Key West was quite hot, but a lot of fun.  The drive to Key West was quite enjoyable.  The traffic was light and we made numerous tourist stops on the trip.  After a quick check in and dip in the pool at our hotel, it was off to the Sunset Celebration.  We parked in one of the few parking garages and had hopes of catching a bus to Mallory Square. As soon as we started to walk out of the garage a deluge of rain poured down on us.  We quickly stepped back under the cover of the parking garage.  Unfortunately, the bus stop was across the street so we knew we had to brave the weather.  When the rain had slowed, three of our group ran across the street.  I, however, knew that Florida rain can stop as quickly as it starts so I waited a little longer.  Sure enough, the rain stopped about 5 minutes later and I crossed the street and was the only one dry as a bone.  The bus came shortly after that and we traveled down to Mallory Square for a fantastic sunset celebration.


After sunset, we went for our Ghost Tour of Key West. I think this was the highlight for the two girls.  They especially loved the story of Robert the doll.  If you have not heard about him, go to this website . We stopped at the museum on our way back to Naples and the girls got his picture (they asked his permission first of course).


Friday we went to the Hemmingway house and the Southernmost Point.  The weather was so hot we found it hard to walk the short distance from the house to the point. We made it, but took a Pedi cab back to the car. After a little shopping and lunch at Margaretville, it was time to head home.


The rest of the vacation was spent in the pool, shopping, making jewelry, eating, playing games, and just relaxing.  I loved every minute of my time off.  I can’t believe it is over already.  I’m already counting the days until our next visit.


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