As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”

The above quote is from the WKRP in Cincinnati episode where Station Manager, Arthur Carlson, arranged to have live turkeys dropped from a helicopter as an advertising stunt.  I bet there are several of my readers who have no idea who Arthur Carlson is, or what is WKRP.  Sad.  I often think of watching old episodes of WKRP, but I am afraid it won’t be as funny as I remember. I recently watched some other old shows and thought "Did this used to be funny?"
However, I digress.  Why did I use that quote as the title for this blog entry?  Because Barry and I had an experience quite similar this past weekend.  We were invited to a party with another host family last Saturday.  The hostess asked us to bring the drinks.  She told us that someone was bringing salad, one family was bringing dessert, and someone else was bringincg teh bread.  She told us some wine would be nice, and juice for the kids.  I went to the store and picked up two large bottles of wine, two cases of beer, and lots of Capri Sun juice. 
We arrived at the party early so we could setup our coolers with the drinks.  We opened up the cooler that contained the juice and added some water that the hostess had on hand.  We then opened up the other cooler that contained the beer and wine.  "What did you do?" exclaimed the hostess.  "We brought the drinks!"  "but these are just kids!  They can’t drink alcohol!"  We knew that. We brought the alcohol for the host families.  "There are no host families attending!" the hostess replied.  Oh. Really? Why are we here. "Well, you guys are fun and I wanted you here, but you are the only adults."  Seriously? We have 2 cases of beer and 2 large bottles of wine, which I should mention I wanted to polish off right at that moment.  Both Barry and I looked at each other and said "As God as my witness, I thought there would be adults here." 
It was a mad dash to remove all the beer from the cooler and refill it with water before the kids showed up to the party.  How did we get this so wrong? 

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