Blended, not Stirred

This story actually begins about one month ago.  I was about to make protein shakes in our Breville blender. I put in all the ingredients and then put on the lid (yes, I remembered the lid this time).  However, I couldn’t find the little small piece of plastic that sits in the middle of the lid. Do you know the one I mean? You can use it as a one once measuring cup too?  Anyway, I couldn’t find the little sucker.  So I just put my hand over the top and started the blender.  After I pressed the power button and the blender started, I heard the most horrific noise.  What the heck was that? I stopped the blender. The noise stopped. Uh oh this can’t be good. I figured our brand-new Breville blender was already on the fritz. I was ticked off.  To be sure, I turned the blender on again.  There was the horrible grinding sound. Like something plastic was being chewed up (if you could have seen my face at that moment). I stopped. I felt like my thoughts could be seen above my head like a cartoon. "Wait.  Small and plastic? Can’t be. I’m sure it is. That is our luck! Oh crap!"  I poured out the contents of the blender. Out came the blueberries, the milk, protein, then…you guessed it. There was that little plastic piece.  Perhaps, pieces would have been better used at that point. Who put the little top to the blender inside the blender?  I asked my husband.  He said he certainly didn’t do that, but he did recall the cleaning lady telling him that she had indeed put the little top inside the blender.  I would have asked my husband at that point why he didn’t feel it was important to tell me that news since I am the one that uses the blender each morning, but I knew that would be a fruitless question to ask.  I just cleaned up the little pieces, checked the blender for other damage, and made toast for breakfast.


All of the information above was for background so you understand what I want to talk about now.  I ordered a new plastic piece from Breville for $10.00 about 2 weeks ago.  I think $10 for that small piece is a rip off, but what else could I do?  They said they would ship out the piece in about 10 days.  When I arrived home yesterday, there was a box from Fed Ex on the table.  Was this our replacement part?  I actually hoped it was not.  Here is why:  I thought the world was going greener? I thought people were really starting to get it. I hear people talk about green house gases and climate change. I see people recycle at work and at home.  I see more “made from recycled paper” on items more than ever before.  Many grocery stores even force you to bring your own bags now.  However, this message has not made it to Breville.  The packaging for this one teeny tiny plastic piece was ridiculous.  The box was huge and filled with brown paper. It took me 15 minutes to find the one lone replacement part for our blender.  I’m pretty sure they sell small boxes. I’m pretty sure that a padded envelope made from recycled materials would have been just the ticket for this part.  However, see the image below to see what packaging Breville used to ship our part.



I at least put the packaging in our recycle bin.


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