Weather or Not

We need rain. I will not argue that fact. I like getting rain. I love to listen to the rain falling on the roof–When I am at home, curled up on the couch, reading a book.  I am  not a big fan of major lightning and heavy downpours that begin at 4:50pm every day.  I enjoy my job, but I still love to see the clock strike 5:00.  I love being home a little bit more than being at the office. Well, perhaps a LOT more.


However, Mother Nature has a sense of humor.  For the past several weeks, at around 4:30-4:50pm, massive thunder storms develop right outside our office.   The lightning strikes so close that the lights go off and on repeatedly, the rain falls in torrents. I am stuck inside the office building like a hamster in a cage. I want to be free of my confinement, but outside is more dangerous than in my little office, so I stay and wait out the storm.


Sometimes I go upstairs to the gym and do a little workout. Sometimes I just continue to work on my little hamster wheel.   The storms subside around 6:00pm and I head home. I don’t get to curl up on the couch and listen to the storm while reading a good book. If only the weather could wait until 5:30 to begin the downpours. If anyone has connections with Mother Nature, can you see what you can do?




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