Pick a Card

I didn’t want much for our 24th wedding anniversary.  What can I ask for? We have a great marriage. I love my guy. I know that marrying him was the best decision I have ever made in my life.


All I wanted was a nice card.  I called him shortly before our anniversary and asked him what he wanted for our anniversary.  He replied that he wanted nothing. We needed to save our money. I asked if he wanted to exchange cards.  He replied “no, no need.”  So much for my getting a card.  Still, I know marrying him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 


I call the husband again the next day and ask again if he thought perhaps we should at least exchange cards for our anniversary.  He replied that we really didn’t need cards, but if I really, really wanted one perhaps he could find some time to go to the card store and pick one out.  I said that it was ok I didn’t require a card (although it would be nice) and he didn’t need to bother going out of his way to get me a ‘silly’ card.  I was just glad we were married and the thought of having him around was gift enough.  I was still happy that I had made the decision to marry him 24 years before. I’m sure it was a good decision.


The weekend of our anniversary came. It was Saturday, 2 days before the big day and we needed to move out of our storage unit and into another storage unit.  Our present unit’s price had increased 100% in one year. We found one much cheaper just next door to our present storage company.  We rented a truck, loaded up our crap and moved it to the other place.  That back-breaking work took all day Saturday. We spent that evening recovering at home.  No time to get to a card store that day.


Sunday was a day of relaxing.  We went to breakfast then to Publix.  Did I mention they sell cards at Publix honey?  As we neared the card isle, he told me he was feeling quite sick and we needed to get home right away. I asked if he could hang on for just a little bit as I got HIM a lovely card for our anniversary.  He said he would try.  He told me he was going to get something we forgot in another isle and he left.  I followed him.  We checked out with no cards in our cart. 


Monday was the big day.  We both took off from work to spend time together.  We had a fantastic day.  We did a great workout, relaxed in the pool, went to lunch, saw a good movie, got some fantastic byes at Kohls, then it was off to dinner at Fuji Asian Bistro. It was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  I felt truly relaxed.  I really didn’t need a card. He was right.   I know how much he loves me every day.  He not only tells me with words, he shows me with actions.  He takes such good care of me. He is always putting my needs ahead of his own.  I was feeling pretty good about that decision I made 24 years ago, when I was going to brush my teeth.  It was then that I saw the card.  It was sitting on the sink. I will admit it. I cried.  He had a card for me the whole time.  I climbed into bed and red the most romantic card ever!  Then it hit me! I had no card for him! I never got him an anniversary card!  I wonder what he thinks of HIS decision all those years ago.  I’m so sorry.  I hope you know how much I love you.  You are the best thing in my life.  Happy 24th Anniversary a little late.


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