When Did THAT Happen?

I was driving to work today and put on my usual radio station, Way FM 88.7.  Unfortunately, due to a power failure (I found that out later) they were not on the air.  I pushed another button and got the “Oldies” station.  I like songs from the 50s and 60s so I left it on.  However, what happened next was very upsetting.  The song that came on the radio was “Angel is a Centerfold” by J. Geils Band.  When did that become an OLDIE? Where did my youth go?  I was hoping for some Temptations, Supremes, or even Elvis.  But noooooo, I am officially an “Oldie”. Sigh.    I’m sure next you are going to tell me that happened a number of years ago.  I know it did. But I like denial. It works for me.


One response to “When Did THAT Happen?

  1. You should really switch to satellite radio it is so much better than terrestrial radio. Over 100 channels to listen to to and there is a 50’s channel and a 60’s channel (in addition to the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s channels) so you will have real olides any time you want and no commercials. Why, I’m listening to Radio Margaritaville right now!

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