Only As Old As You Feel

My husband Barry has really been working hard lately on improving his health.  He has been eating healthier foods, cutting way back on beer consumption, and working out every day.  He is feeling quite good about his efforts.  Until this morning.


He went into the school office to talk to the school about Halloween safety.  They have a video system they call the “news” and he talks about different items each week.  As he finished, he was leaving the office, when a little 1st grader held the door open for him.  Barry thought that was quite nice and said a big “Thank you!”  The little child said “You remind me of my grandfather!”  oh (said with a very small mouth).  Barry was still polite and said “thank you!”  Then the lovely little one added “ He died a LOOOOONNNNGGG time ago.”


Last I talked to my husband he was taking some Geritol and looking for a place to nap.


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