I am so sorry I haven’t written anything for such a long time.  Work has been extremely busy and I was been a little old sick.  On Sunday I was happily cleaning and putting away all of our Halloween decorations when out of nowhere I sneezed. It was one of those sneezes that sneaks up on you and gives you no time to prepare.  After the sneeze, I noticed my back was a little achy. I would even say it was slightly painful.  However, I kept working, cleaning, and cooking. By the way, I made the absolute best French Onion Soup ever on Sunday.


About one hour after the sneaky sneeze, I could hardly stand up straight.  I realized that I must have thrown my back out from that sneeze. How the heck old am I? Don’t answer that.  Anyway, I went into the house and told my darling husband that I had just thrown my back out. He wanted to know how that happened. I explained that I had sneezed.  I could see it in his eyes at that moment. He wanted to laugh. Hard.  However, he was a good husband and told me he had three things to say about my back problem.  First, God Bless you.  Second, let’s get you on some ice and give you some Motrin. Third, and probably most important, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!




I am now feeling better and finally able to make more jewelry and sit long enough in a chair to type up the blog entry. 


Oh, and about that French Onion Soup, it was the recipe from Cook’s Illustrated called “Best French Onion Soup” I highly recommend it.


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