That is Freaky!

you help me identify these little plastic guys?  I am presently selling some things I have kept for years and years in boxes. There is no reason to keep them. I just couldn’t let them go. I have no idea why I couldn’t let them go, perhaps it reminded me a time when my knees, back, feet, and legs didn’t hurt ALL THE TIME!  Sorry, I must get back to why I am writing this blog.


I am selling some Freakies. Yes, Freakies. If you remember them, cool! You ate the same sugary cereal I did when you were younger.  This cereal was before manufacturers were required to remove Sugar from cereals. It was fun to note that they just removed the “word” Sugar from cereals.  Super Sugar Crisp became Honey Crisp; Sugar Frosted Flakes are Frosted Flakes.  Too funny. But again, I am losing focus.


I have had the little plastic Freaky guys in a little box for years and years. How many? Lets just say it has been a loooooonnnng time.  It is hard for me to believe I have no problem finding these guys after such a looooonnnnggg time, but I can’t find my car keys on a daily basis.  There I go again, losing focus.


I decided to put these little Freaky guys on Ebay.  They are selling for about $12 a piece. Yes, you heard right. The little ½” plastic guy I got in a cereal box is work $12. Amazing.  Anyway, I am writing to see if anyone can identity these other plastic monsters I found in my little storage box.  They are pictured below and if you know them, please tell me. I want to put them on Ebay too.


Thanks readers. Post your responses soon.  I may forget where I put these guys. 


Now if you will excuse me, I must go find my car keys.



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