The New Me

I have blogged about many things over the years. I have also tried to lose weight for many years.  I think it is time for me to blog about my goal of weight loss this year.  A couple of years ago the "Year of the Shars" went very well.  I spent a lot of time that year taking care of myself.  I need to do that again.  Here is it New Year’s Even 2oo9 and I am no further ahead than I was last year.  I spent so much time this year worrying about everyone else that I forgot about me.  As a new year is starting I am going to start taking care of myself again.  I don’t know why I can’t seem to get myself on the right track regarding my health, but it is time to find out. 
Hopefully, writing about it in this blog will help me to learn what triggers my over eating and my lack of motivation to work out.  I shall be accountable to all of my loyal readers as well.  Perhaps that will help me in my goal.  2010 shall be the year I lose 35lbs and work out at the gym on a consistent basis.  I want to strive for 5 days a week at a minimum at the gym.  My biggest challenge will be logging my food intake.  I am terrible about doing that but I know it will help me find out what I am really consuming and put a stop to the overeating.
I will blog about the good days and the bad ones.  I will put my feelings here in this blog to help me learn from my mistakes and find out why I don’t feel I am worthy of being at a healthy weight.  Perhaps something that I write about will be something you are struggling with as well. Let me know if you have ideas or tips to help me get on the right track this year.

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