Today was good

Today was not as difficult for me to stick with the plan.  Now I need to figure out why.  What was different with today.  I ordered an egg-white veggie omlet with a side of fruit.  It was an easy choice. I didn’t even look at the menu or specials board.  I knew before I went into the restaurant that I was going to choose the veggie omlet. Also, I have not had any soda or alcohol since January 1st.  That hasn’t been easy, I love my soda.  I have to keep flavored water around since that helps me not reach for the soda.  Lunch was a non-fat yogurt, fruit, and water.  I made a grilled-cheese sandwich and tomato soup. That is my comfort food that I love to eat on cold evenings.  I am sitting in front of the fire right now and have just finished the soup and sandwich. 
Now is the hardest time of the day for me.  I love to snack at night. Instead of reaching for dessert, I decided to type in this blog.  I will also reach for a book to read instead of snacking at night.  I think the key is to find something else to occupy my hands and time so I don’t reach for those snacks.
Tomorrow morning I am planning to get up super early to hit the gym before work.  We are going out to dinner tomorrow again.  I will read the menu online to decide what I will eat before I arrive at the restaurant.  Wish me luck.

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