A “not so bad” day yesterday

I felt pretty good yesterday. At least I finally got up and went for a walk at lunch time.  After work I went for a bike ride in the gym. It wasn’t much, but at least it was something.  I will take this journey in little steps…one day at a time (all of a sudden I am singing a theme song to One Day at A Time). That makes me think of Valerie Bertinelli and she lost weight so I can too. Yea!
Food Diary:
Breakfast:  Super Smoothie
snack:  colby/jack cheese cube (60 calorie and much better than the string stuff)
Lunch:  Tomato soup, 6 wheat crackers, and yogurt
Late snack:  Yogurt, 6 wheat crackers, and 60 calorie pudding cup. (This wasn’t filling, I was starving all afternoon)
Supper:  2 cups wheat pasta, 4 meatballs, and very little sauce (was at friend’s house setting up new PC, she cooked for me)
Dessert: 4 strawberries and 2 Tbls Greek non fat yogurt (remarkably good, I must go buy that yogurt)
Cheats:  Cup of hot chocolate. So stinking cold!!
My workout:
At Lunch time I took a 30 minute walk and did a 20 minute bike ride after work (in the gym, too cold to step foot outside). Watched NCIS, then the Biggest Loser. If those people can do it, I should be able to workout a little harder.  Tomorrow I will go to the gym and kick butt.

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