Not the best of days, but not the worst

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Work is slow today and I’m cold, so very, very cold.
Food Diary:
Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs and 2 slices bacon (bad bad girl)
Early snack:  Weight control oatmeal
Lunch:  Salad with black beans, corn, tortilla strips, and a spicy balsamic dressing (yum), and a cup of black bean soup (felt so warm)

Late snack:  nada
Supper:  2cups wheat pasta light cheese (no sauce)
Cheats:  Breafkast, a cup of hot chocolate. 1/2 of a diet soda (I felt sick to my stomach after the soda)

My workout:  Wogged (walk/jogged) 5k on treadmill at gym

Most proud of today:
Ability to wog 5k on treadmill without puking
I need to take my measurements so I can see if I am losing any inches as well as poundage.  I will do that this weekend and if I am able to mentally, I will post the results. 

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