Still so cold, so very, very cold

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
This may sound familiar… Guess what? It is still cold today. More ice on the car, more hats and gloves to work. What happened to this "Global Warming" thing?

Food Diary:
Breakfast:    Egg white omelet from Gina’s Cafe.  In my mind I was going to order the garden omelet filled with veggies, what came out of my mouth was "egg white American Omelet" filled with tomato, onion, sausage, and bacon. Oops. This shall go on the "cheat" category today. I will work out extra hard to make up for this one.

Early snack:   Weight Watchers non-fat yogurt 
Lunch:   lean cuisine
Late snack:  90 calorie granola bar and stick of low fat cheese
Supper:   Sharon’s low-cal enchiladas…grilled chicken, black beans, non-fat sour cream, low-fat cheese, salsa. Very good.
Cheats:   See above. 

My workout:   As promised I worked out extra hard after work. I did 39 minutes on the "never-ending escalator"  Just about passed out. I think I worked off one piece of bacon.
Most proud of todayI really wanted something chocolate last night, but I didn’t have anything. Went to a warm bed instead.


I find it hard to get myself out to the gym each day, but I am doing it. It is cold for Florida and that makes me want to stay in by the fire. However, the committment I have to this change it strong. I want this. I want this bad. I’m tired of being tired and fat. Lets not forget fat. I don’t want to be shopping in the plus-sizes anymore. I want to feel better, look better, and be healthier.  I am so lucky to have friends that are supportive and keeping me on the straight and narrow.  I strongly suggest finding a diet and excersize buddy (DEB). Having someone near or far that talks with you, discusses workouts and food ideas is the best thing ever! Thank you to my DEB! You are a life saver


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