Stay The Course, Results Will Follow

Today is day 18 of my new eating plan.  I have worked very hard, but I have slipped on a few occasions.  I am not perfect.  However, if I remember that this is a life-long journey, I don’t get as discouraged when I have a bad day.  I have found that emailing my daily food journal and workout to my diet and exercise buddy has been the greatest motivator I have ever experienced.  In the past, I only once had to be accountable to someone during my weight loss journey.  That was also the time I lost the most amount of weight in recent years.  I now know that I must be accountable to someone to stay on track.  If I am left to my own motivation and willpower, I fail.


I think it is important for everyone on this weight-loss journey to find out what helps them the most reach his or her goal.  Is it counting points? is it longer workouts? Do you need someone to give you a specific meal plan from which you can not deviate?  Whatever is your "help" find it, and stick with it.  I’m sure you know what doesn’t work. Instead of focusing on what doesn’t work for you, this time focus on what does work. What does make you stick with your program.  Don’t worry about the days or times you slip from the program.  Stay the course, pick yourself up and get back on your plan the very next day. If you stay the course, in the long run, you will succeed. 


As of today, I have lost 7lbs.  I don’t know how many inches, but I will measure myself tomorrow.  Thank you for your help and support!  Keep up the good work to everyone!




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