Three Week Mark

I have heard it said that most people give up on his/her New Year’s Resolutions by the third week in January.  Well, today is the 21st day of January and I am still going strong! Thank you to everyone in my support system.  This is not an easy journey, but I am still motivated to go the distance.  I want to see this weight go bye bye forever. 


Everyday is hard work, everyday I have to say my positive self-talk, write down my food, exercise, and make healthy choices. Yesterday was an exceptionally difficult day because I felt lousy.  I was tired and my throat hurt.  I reached out to my diet and exercise buddy and she told me that sometimes you need to take a day off form a workout and let your body relax and recover.  So I spent the evening doing just that.  However, I didn’t eat poorly. I just didn’t work out.  You can take a break without going completely off your plan. 


If you are on the same path and have made it through the past 21 days, congratulations! Keep up the good work.  If you haven’t started the path to a new healthy you, today is you day. No excuses, it is time to start now.


Thank you, and I will write again soon.


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