Bump in the Road

Yesterday I made a pretty big mistake. I didn’t eat breakfast or my morning snack.  By lunchtime I was starving. I wanted to eat everything in sight. I wanted to eat things that weren’t in sight. I just wanted to eat.  Unfortunately, eat I did.  I ate things that were low-fat, baked, dietetic, etc. but I ate a lot of them.  I just kept eating right up until bed time. 


From now on, no skipping breakfast.  I know that is what caused me to feel so famished.  When I eat a healthy breakfast, the rest of the day goes smoothly with regards to my eating plan.  Today, I made sure to have a good breakfast and I have been maintaining a good eating plan all day.


So please remember to eat a healthy breakfast every day. It is really the most important meal of the day.


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